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December 2017
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  • Getting Rid of Net Neutrality Will Not Impact Internet Freedoms, FCC Chairman Insists - Ajit Pai Tries to Convince Americans Their Online Habits Will Be Unaffected in Ridiculous YouTube Video
    With the Federal Communications Commission set to abolish Net Neutrality today, chairman Ajit Pai is seeking to reassure Internet users that their online lives will continue on as before. In a YouTube video that is obviously meant to inject some humor into a situation that has many up in arms, Pai dresses as Santa, does the Harlem […]
    Jennifer Cowan
  • Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer Top Google Search in 2017
    A hurricane and sexual misconduct dominated Google search globally this year. Google released its annual Year in Search stats this week to reveal Hurricane Irma was the most-searched term in 2017, followed by iPhone 8, iPhone X, Matt Lauer and Meghan Markle to round out the top five. In sixth place was the web television series 13 Reasons […]
    SPN Staff Writers
  • Who’s Watching Flix on the Net?
    You will find more statistics at Statista The post Who’s Watching Flix on the Net? appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • The Evolution of Amazon Advertising
    Amazon started as an eCommerce business selling books in 1994. Fast forward 23 years and Amazon has many billion-dollar businesses generating revenue. Whether it is third-party marketplaces sales, Amazon’s own retail sales, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or more recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS); each business unit generates significant revenue to drive Amazon’s success. More recently, […]
    James Thomson
  • The Future of Video-on-Demand: VR, New Platforms, Local Content
    Streaming services and video-on-demand (VOD) are the new norm—and it’s steadily transforming our media consumption habits. We used to wait for specific times to catch our favorite TV shows. Now, we can access those shows quickly from the device of our choice—whether that’s a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Movies are also easier to watch […]
    Johnie Frazier
  • The Growing Holiday Cyber Security Threat
    Every year since the invention of malware, cyber-attacks have escalated. This is especially true during the holiday season. Every October, the U.S. government commemorates National Cyber Security Awareness Month, guided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. My question is why don’t they declare the whole fourth quarter National Cyber Security Awareness […]
    Hector Cisneros
  • Your Passion is Your Greatest Asset, Learn How to Harness
    Infographic Courtesy of: The post Your Passion is Your Greatest Asset, Learn How to Harness appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • Twitter Officially Launches Threads
    Get ready for some tweetstorms. Twitter has officially debuted its new thread feature to enable users of the microblogging site to post a series of connected tweets that are easier to post and find. “Hundreds of thousands of threads are Tweeted every day,” Twitter product manager Sasank Reddy said in a blog post. “But this […]
    Jennifer Cowan
  • Instagram Debuts Hashtags for More Discovery
    Instagram is making discovery on its platform easier with the introduction of hashtags. Hashtags make it easier to find and stay connected with the things that interest you most on the photo-sharing app. “Every day, millions of people share photos and videos and tag them with relevant hashtags. #onthetable, #slime and #floralnails are just a few examples of hashtags that […]
    SPN Staff Writers
  • Is Generational Marketing Important for Website Owners?
    Based on industry surveys and statistics, generational marketing is vital to your overall marketing strategy. It is common sense that the marketing strategy, content and mediums or channels used to reach people in their 40s are completely different than the strategy, content, and channels used to reach teens. As a website owner, you have to […]
    Donna Moores