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  • Former Damac MD joins Saudi developer

    Former Damac Properties managing director Ziad El Chaar has been appointed as chief executive of the Riyadh-listed Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company. The Saudi developer made the announcement in a statement to the Tadawul, the local stock exchange. El Chaar started in the role on June 1, the statement said. The executive “has…

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  • 10 eLearning Tools in Digital Marketing You Need to know Before It’s Too Late
    Despite the fact that you are utilizing content from outstanding sources, or maybe even have outstanding content of your own, preparing workers for a new career is difficult. But if you’re a trainer, it obviously has to be done. And one of the biggest stresses of training is simply putting together a framework of how […]
    Chris Albert
  • How to Write Blog Posts That Generate More Leads
    You have an online business already set up and running and you have even published a blog for it, but is it bringing you enough leads to generate good sales? Are you publishing good content on your blog that is driving traffic to your business and gaining good conversion rates? You do acknowledge that having […]
    Jake Lester
  • Is Your Company Prepared for a Cyber Attack?
    With cyber attacks proliferating and targeting businesses of all sizes, it is more crucial than ever for companies to wield a comprehensive response plan. Alarmingly, research suggests that many companies lack the resources and time to effectively resolve cyber issues, and that is costing them money. Cyber attack preparation goes beyond a “in case of […]
  • What Data to Look for When Planning a Marketing Strategy
    Marketing is crucial to every business in today’s digital and competitive world. You need the right tools and strategies to stay ahead of the curve. If you don’t, you could risk letting your competitors take your customers and falling behind in your market. So use the following data when planning your marketing strategy to ensure […]
    Jeremy Sutter
  • Google Classroom and the Workforce of Tomorrow
    Source: Best Education Degrees The post Google Classroom and the Workforce of Tomorrow appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • 6 Essential Digital Marketing Strengthening Trends You Need To Know
    Globalization by definition is the process through which industries and other organizations develop international impact or start functioning on an international scale. The internet transformed this world into a virtual world where everyone is on the same page, regardless of time zones and socioeconomic standards. But if you think beyond the internet, what actually brings […]
    Chris Albert
  • Influencer-Generated Content: How to Make it Work for Your Brand
    In a study titled, ”2017 State of the Creator Economy Report,” it was found that people trust content generated by people they know. As a result, more brands have taken to collaborating with social influences to help grow their businesses. The question that arises then, is what is influencer-generated content, and how can it help […]
    Brandon Brown
  • Creating the First Mobile App for Your Business
    Courtesy of: Moveo Apps The post Creating the First Mobile App for Your Business appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • How AR Could Dominate the Mobile Market
    Augmented reality is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting innovations in tech. The potentiality of the technology is not yet fully realized, as the applications for it show. AR has a wealth of possibilities from shopping in your home to placing a game board in a three-dimensional space. Various electronics have tried to […]
    Donna Howard
  • What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency For 5 Year Olds
    Infographic Courtesy of: The post What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency For 5 Year Olds appeared first on SiteProNews.