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  • All work fully guaranteed!! We take care of your to-do list!!

    HiCorp is an innovative trade services company delivering tailored preventative and reactive building maintenance services across the commercial, retail, education and government sectors. We employ an extensive network of internal tradesmen to deliver an integrated and holistic property solution for your organization and/ or residence, maximizing efficiency to deliver savings to you. We can take…

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  • Power…., We got it….!!

    Generators are one of the most fundamental aspect of any construction project as power supply is needed to operate various machines and equipment. Therefore quality generators are always in high demand in the GCC market where construction is very extensively done. At Adex International, we commit ourselves to providing the highest level of service and…

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  • How to Select Your Spill Kit?

    Spills and leaks are a nuisance, but they can range anywhere from a small inconvenience to your worst nightmare depending on where they occur and how much is involved. A small leak from a machine on your  shop floor is manageable but what about a large chemical spill in a body of water or directly…

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  • Fire Protection UAE

    STARS FIRE & SAFETY is one of the few companies that have obtained the license and approval for supply, installation and maintenance of Fire protection systems in residential, industrial and oil field facilities from the Civil Defense and we provide fire protection uae.Stars Fire and Safety provides different kinds of Servicing & Maintenance like: 1. Fire Alarm & Detection…

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  • Looking for good granite and marble suppliers?

    Marble is a natural stone generally selected by designers, architects, and homeowners due to its natural beauty. it can have many applications within construction; whether it would be to add elegance to the modern bathroom, create an aesthetically pleasing feature wall; laid as floor tiles in various surface finishes including polished to create a stylish…

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  • Clean & Green is the change we want to see in this World!!

    The substances used to remove dirt and bad odors are termed as Cleaning Chemicals. The purpose of these cleaning agents includes health, beauty, removing offensive odor, and avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants to oneself and others. We all know surfaces are only as clean as the cleaning chemicals used on them. For this reason,…

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  • Looking for Metal and Fence Works ?

    Global House providing best quality and reliable services to the customers.We are focusing Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Structural Steel works, Car Parking Shed Fabrication and Installation Works, Fencing System supply and Installation works, Aluminium Fabrication and Glass Installation works and Gypsum Decoration Works. Global House provide a best quality service to the customers requirement and expectation with best quality and competitive price. We…

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  • Quality means Greatness!!!

    Welcome to Global House Abu Dhabi, supplier, fabricator and erector of quality, fabricated steel components and structures for the mining, commercial and multi-level industries.  With unrivalled technology, capacity and infrastructure Global House Abu Dhabi has become one of UAE’s largest steel fabrication and erection companies. Global House prides itself on exceptional customer service and is…

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  • How to Promote Your Local Business via Facebook Ads
    If you own a local business, you probably seek the same thing every entrepreneur and marketer seeks. Profit. That’s the end result, but the journey can be long. One of the most challenging aspects that most local business owners face is the complexity of the digital environment, which has already changed the face of business […]
    Warren Fowler
  • How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Will Whip Brands Into Shape
    Here’s the thing about algorithms: you never know when they’re going to be tweaked. So when Facebook announced it would be fine tuning its News Feed to focus on more ‘personal connections’ last month, it wasn’t unforeseen. But still, many brands and publishers were left feeling pretty shaken. Because now, the days of relying on […]
    Jerrid Grimm
  • Un-Technology: The Future of Work and Play
    Expnading the markets of reality. Infographic Courtesy of: The post Un-Technology: The Future of Work and Play appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • Online Censorship Around the World
    How free are you online? While most of us take internet freedom for granted, the reality is that many countries use a variety of tactics to censor the information citizens are able to access. Infographic Courtesy of: The post Online Censorship Around the World appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • Top 5 Industries Influenced by Artificial Intelligence
    Technology has never failed to surprise users with its advancements. Be it automated ordering kiosks at McDonald’s, self-checkout machines installed in supermarkets or taking rides in driverless cars, new technological inventions have grown at an unprecedented rate to add value to our lives. This is just the beginning. The theory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) means […]
    Albert Smith
  • Link Building in the Time of AI
    Using artificial intelligence has become a mainstream activity, and some of the hottest and most prominent companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have harnessed this technology to their advantage. They are currently using voice search and voice commands to help improve user experiences when utilizing their search engines. Make no mistakes about it. SEO, […]
    Ashley Lipman
  • Manage Work, Not People: Does a Results-Only Work
    Employee turnover. Employers dread it, knowing how costly even an average performer is to replace. Yet employees sometimes just can’t avoid it as home and work life responsibilities increasingly intersect and clash. What can be done to reduce turnover while still providing the flexibility today’s two-income households often require? While the answer is incredibly nuanced, […]
    Isaac Christiansen
  • Social Media – The Lead Generation Game
    B2B lead generation in its traditional form consists of many outbound marketing activities; for example, ads, telemarketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click. All of these are broadcast in their very nature. However, some of these activities are now increasingly becoming ignored by prospects who favor one-to-one communications. This shift in behavior affects, not just the success […]
    Muhammad Usman
  • Where The Most Workers Put in A 60-Hour Week
    For many people around the world, Friday doesn’t signal the end of the working week. You will find more infographics at Statista The post Where The Most Workers Put in A 60-Hour Week appeared first on SiteProNews.
  • YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018
    This infographic provides YouTube banner template guidelines and gives an example of how a banner would look on different devices, from TV to desktop to tablet to mobile. Infographic Courtesy of: The post YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018 appeared first on SiteProNews.