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Fire Protection UAE

STARS FIRE & SAFETY is one of the few companies that have obtained the license and approval for supply, installation and maintenance of Fire protection systems in residential, industrial and oil field facilities from the Civil Defense and we provide fire protection uae.
Stars Fire and Safety provides different kinds of Servicing & Maintenance like:

1. Fire Alarm & Detection System Inspection & Maintenance

Stars Fire & Safety provides maintenance service for commercial smoke & fire detection systems. In accordance with Standards, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected on a monthly basis

  1. Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket Inspection & Maintenance

We can relieve the burden by providing a risk assessment service to determine your fire protection requirements, and once this is completed advise on the placement and types of fire extinguishers required to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

  1. Fire Hose Reel Inspection & Maintenance

Fire hose reels are first attack fire equipment used to supplement fire extinguishers. They are designed to be used to extinguish a small wood/paper based fire or to contain a fire while an area is evacuated. They should not be used on fires involving electricity, cooking fats or petrol/oil.

  1. Fire Hydrant Booster, Fire Hydrant Testing & Maintenance

Fire hydrants are used to supply water to the Fire Service if they are fighting a fire on your site. Typically fire hydrants are installed in buildings where there is insufficient coverage from street fire hydrants or where the building area is very large.

  1. Fire Safety Audits

Audits including the following:

  • Egress
  • Exit & emergency Lighting
  • Above Ceiling Compartmentation
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Fire and Smoke Doors
  • Fire and Smoke detection layouts
  • Fire Proofing and Sealing
  • Inspection relating to paths of travel, exit lighting, build up of rubbish creating a fire hazard
  • Fire Proofing relating of fire collars, fire caulking

Stars Fire & Safety offers all of the necessary Service & Maintenance for all your Fire and Safety needs. Through regular comprehensive servicing and maintenance services, our technicians aim to provide properly functioning fire equipment and systems. We service a huge range of fire protection systems for organisations large and small and can also maintain other manufacturers’ equipment.

To know more about Stars Fire and Safety contact our experts at +971 – 2 – 4431410 or email us to

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