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Good kitchen equipments will pay you over and over again!!

Food is a lucrative business industry and the Middle East is the hub of delicious culinary delights from all over the world. One of the key reasons why people travel to places in the UAE like Dubai is to have a taste of world cuisine and enrich their travelling experience. As the official statistics shows, the phenomenal increase in the number of foreign visitors and tourists is observed in Dubai over the past five years. The current situation makes the market segments, which are associated with an influx of tourists, very attractive. In particular, that is the tourist industry, catering and retail trade.

Dubai is a very competitive market and to survive here, you will have to provide the best options for any customers. When it comes to restaurant business there is no compromise in the quality we offer our customers. UAE being an international market, the look and feel should go along with the quality and it should be world class standard. Long gone are the days where sharpened rocks, sticks, and fire were the only tools we needed to prepare a meal. Though that set of equipment might be an easier list to make, I’d much rather be living in today’s world of sharpened knives and heat resistant spatulas. Life as a modern day cook is pretty good.

Industrial kitchen equipment have a very important role in the Food & Beverages industry. The best quality equipments bring in the best results and the durability of such is incomparable. From the simple utensils to the custom-made kitchen furnishing, chillers and freezers, everything should be picked based on its quality and looks in comparison with the budget anyone have.

The 10 essential Restaurants Equipment & Supplies You Need in Your Kitchen may include the following;

1)      Freezers & Refrigerators

2)      Food Preparation Counters.

3)      Slicers

4)      Mixers

5)      Food Processors

6)      Cooking Ranges

7)      Ovens

8)      Sinks

9)      Shelving

10)   Safety Equipments

A high performance kitchen is essential to the success of your foodservice establishment. Utilize top-quality energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment specialized for your needs. Discover a variety of professional grade industrial kitchen equipments.

A food service operator relies on kitchen appliances to cook everything on the menu, and if one piece fails the whole kitchen could shut down. When first installing a different piece of equipment, one of the biggest concerns is cost. Always treat industrial kitchen equipment is an investment. The biggest choice is usually whether to purchase brand new equipment or a used one. Always buy new Kitchen equipments from an authorized supplier, potentially saving repair costs and headaches down the road.  The word authorized dealer is one essential factor while selecting the industrial kitchen equipment. Since 1995, one name is a standing alone as the best in supplying the Industrial kitchen equipments and appliances, yes Al Arz. Integrity, Performance, Reputation are the 3 factors what made Al Arz the leading Kitchen equipment supplier in Dubai.

Why Al Arz?

Lowest prices, fastest delivery, customer focus and satisfaction are the key elements that make Al Arz the unique one. We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed reputation for client satisfaction providing precise attention to detail, the best selection of the highest quality products, uncompromising business ethics, and a commitment to remarkable design. Our high quality manufacturers, expert and talented field teams and installers who do quality work, and a very strong, organized administration knows how to execute a project and deliver the best possible finished result. Our team is dedicated on the follow-through and will take care of every detail of your renovation. We have combined our talents and long years of experience in fabrication to confirm to the high standard of workmanship for customer satisfaction. Our range of products are fully backed with service, spare parts & labor UAE wide so you can have a peace of mind when you purchase a product from Al Arz. Our products all are made to suit your standard and to work well with in the way you operate your establishments

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