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Quality means Greatness!!!

Welcome to Global House Abu Dhabi, supplier, fabricator and erector of quality, fabricated steel components and structures for the mining, commercial and multi-level industries.  With unrivalled technology, capacity and infrastructure Global House Abu Dhabi has become one of UAE’s largest steel fabrication and erection companies. Global House prides itself on exceptional customer service and is committed to its promise to deliver, quality steel, on site, on time.

At Global House, we manufacture, assemble, modify and repair steel structures of all types such as steel-framed buildings and bridges. We cut, shape, join and finish steel using detailed specifications to fabricate the parts and sub-assemblies of the structure. Since the inception of Global House, we have grown to become one of UAE’s largest steel fabrication and erection companies. We have provided steel fabrication services to a number of industries including construction and mining across UAE. As an established leader in structural steel fabrication, engineering and erection services, Global House has been fabricating the steel needs of Emiratis since the day one of its existence.

Global House is an Abu Dhabi based steel contracting company, specializing in structural steel and metalwork fabrication. Since day one, we have extended or services to our clients in building, mining, and construction industries throughout Abu Dhabi and whole of UAE. We have the skills and capabilities to complete a wide variety of projects across multiple industries.

There are many structural steel fabrication companies in the UAE, but what makes Global House different is, we combine the latest technology with innovative ideas from a team of experienced and qualified professionals to produce a variety of steel structures with unparalleled accuracy. We have the experience and technological capabilities to provide first class steel products and services in a timely manner. From site measurement through to steel detailing, processing, and installation, all data collected by our team remains consistent and reliable across this entire process throughout each projects.

Whether you’re building a bridge, pressure vessels, dust collectors, sewage, recycling plants or mining facilities our mission is to continuously strive to provide certainty of quality, delivery and integrity in our service we offer. How? Our people will maintain and drive our values, empowering our people, letting our performance and our achievements speak for themselves.

If you wish to know more about the best structural steel fabrication company in the UAE, please call us to +971 25500711 or write to us at, our organized team of experts will assists you.